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PHP, as java are extremely popular languages ​​with resources and a very large community.

Although PHP competes with Java in the domain of websites, php is only present in this branch, while java is used in almost all areas of computing which allows it a great interoperability. This is for example the basic base of the Android system present on most smart phones in the world. As a result it is easier to find a Java developer than PHP.

IEEE is an organization that measures; the number of searches carried out on each language, the sharing of information and online resources and the social activity around the different programming languages. A tool makes it possible to compare the different languages.

Spectrum Ranking for the WEB (April 2018) - open link
Spectrum Ranking for the WEB (April 2018)

Conclusion : Although there are many resources around PHP the versatility of the Java language allows it to generate a richer and more diverse developer galaxy.

Best choices: JAVA