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Property of the page

page properties screen
page properties screen

List of fields

  • template: choosing the template of the page
  • page name: page name (unique name for the entire site)
  • Time Range: The start and end date of the page.
  • Take screenshot: update the page screenshot (used in macros)
  • gray box: meta page data
    • title: title of the page taken from the content,
    • last editor: last contributor to modify the page,
    • creation: date of creation of the page,
    • path path: path to the page,
    • cachable: can the page be cached, if not because of what content,
    • real content: the page is considered as a content page. Content pages are pages that contain text or visible image elements,
    • ID: identifier of the page,
    • content date: date contained in the content
    • page rank: point of the page in the search
    • image: image that the CMS chose to represent the page
  • check
    • visible: visible page in the menu (even if it is not true, the page exists and is online),
    • active: makes the page active (by default), if it is not active the page is not online,
    • model: the page serves as the template for another page,
    • beak repeat: stop the repetition of repeated components on the parent pages.
  • SEO Weight: point of the page to others.
  • children association: allows to build a page which is the aglomeration of the girls pages (to make onepage sites or PDFs)
  • short url: create short url
  • share content name: add the page to the article share
  • view roles: A user group that can access this page.